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Miniature Schnauzer Females

(These Dogs Are Not Available)


Bagheera is a feisty girl who we call the baby sitter. She patrols the yard and the pack. She loves being by my side and I lovingly call her my “Second in Command”. When she sees too much rough housing by the younger bunch, she is there to break it up. Non nonsense is allowed around Bagheera, haha. Bagheera is always up for any cuddle she can receive and does exceptional well playing with children. Bagheera is a beautiful non fading black girl. A one of a kind gem!


Cruella is our feisty Black and Silver Phantom Parti. She is very playful and confident in all she does. She doesn’t let anything stop her from doing what she wants. We are so glad to have this beautiful and intelligent girl. Cruella is also a daughter of Jasmine!


Flora and Fauna are two peas in pod. They are always together and are the cutest pair. Flora is a gorgeous Black and Silver Parti with Roan/Ticking. She is a little more outgoing than Fauna and is always ready to take on the world. She is the first to also “speak” her mind. 


Fauna is a stunning Black Parti with Roan/Ticking. She is more reserved and is ok not taking the lead. She loves to play and her favorite thing to do is find tissues, napkins, potty pads, or paper towels and make it “snow” in the house! She is the sweetest girl and so so beautiful!


Ursula is our Black and Silver Phantom girl! She is cute and loves to snuggle but don’t let that fool you, this girl has some spunk. She lives up to the miniature schnauzer personality and knows she is beautiful! Keep checking back for her litters in 2023.


Darling is a sassy little fluffball. She is a stunning White Chocolate girl who loves to follow you! While super sweet, she is the first to steal your socks or runaway with your napkin. She is such a silly girl!


Jynx is a pretty Merle parti who loves to get into everything! She is an observer at first and then gets in on the action of what the others are doing. We love her playfulness and her happy go lucky attitude!


Gamora is a full sister to our Disney! Her personality is much like Disney except she is a little more laid back! We love that we were able to keep this line and now have a second generation from our now retired London. Gamora is a beautiful nonfade Liver Tan.

Marceline (Marcy)

Marcy is our sweet and lovable blue eyed girl! She loves all she meets and will give you a little squeal when she sees you! Marcy is a toy size girl and we are very excited to have her here!


Carousel is as sweet as they come. She is confident and quiet. She is our observer. She loves to play with our other pups and is the first to greet whoever comes her way. Carousel is a gorgeous cream wheaton girl!


Dolly is our happy go lucky, ready for every adventure, fun loving, silly girl! She is another beauty from our Carousel and Timon just like our Ariel! Dolly is always making us laugh and adores our children! Her favorite is our son, Henry!


Disney is our stunning Roan Liver Tan Parti Phantom. She has such a laid back and go with the flow personality. Disney was born and raised here at Knightingale Schnauzers. 


Miss Iris is the perfect little schnauzer girl. She is super sassy, intelligent, and has the beauty to match all of the other great traits. She is a non fading black girl with one full blue eye. We call her Miss Boss Babe because this girl knows what she wants and will get it. She loves giving kisses and is just a great furry best friend! 


Oh sweet Fate! She is the biggest cuddle bug that we have. Fate will be anyone's shadow if you allow her. She likes to be with you, snuggle up to you, and is the best listener. Fate is a gorgeous all black girl with one mystical blue eye.  


Venus is a happy little pooch who loves to bounce around like a bunny! She is fun loving, spirited, and never meets a stranger! Venus is one of our toy girls and is only about 7 lbs. She is a gorgeous Liver Parti! 


Dory is an adorable Roan Liver Parti! She is spunky and loves to play! Her coat is so soft and she loves to be pampered! Dory is such a joy to be around and we are excited to have her in our pack!

Toy Poodle/Schnoodle Females

(Not Available)

Schnoodle(Miniature Schnauzer/Poodle Cross)​


Persephone is a beautiful Blue Merle Toy Poodle! She is always so happy! Nothing can bring her a cloudy day! She is ready to clown around and make you laugh with all of her silly antics. Persephone is the life of any party and always brings a smile to your face!

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