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There are thousands of breeders all around the World! So many to choose from in our country and if we look closer at just the Miniature Schnauzer breed, there are hundreds in North Carolina alone. 

So What Sets Knightingale Schnauzers apart from the rest?

Early Socializing and Early Neurological Stimulation

We take pride in making sure our puppies have the best treatment and one of those ways is Early Neurological Stimulation. This practice is a series of exercises performed on a newborn puppy. It introduces minor stresses in a controlled way. This practice helps to improve the neurological system and development that can later have positive effects not he immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance. We want to produce confident and healthy puppies. We also socialize every puppy and get them used to loud sounds, men, women, children, cats, and even large dogs. All of this is done in a controlled environment to make sure the puppies always have a positive experience.

Open Communication

Communication is key when you are trusting a breeder with your new furry family member. We make sure to send biweekly updates/pictures of your puppy as they are growing as well as weekly live videos on our Facebook page to show how the puppy is growing and give you a sneak peak into their daily lives. Amanda also offers her cell number, email, and social media messaging platforms to all of the puppy families so that they can feel confident in knowing that if they ever have a question or would like an update, she is only a phone call or message away.



Worried that you will not have anyone you can trust with your new pup while you are away? We now offer boarding for any and all of our puppy families! Only $25 per dog per day and your dog will get to have fun with their furry family while you are away. You will receive updates throughout their stay and they will go home happy and tired from their fun stay.

Discounts are offered for dogs staying 10 days or more.

The Ultimate Puppy Package

Another Add-On that we offer is our Ultimate Puppy Package!

Don't have time to do the puppy shopping? Not sure what to buy your new furry family member?

Let us do the shopping for you!

Every Ultimate Puppy Package comes with 

-Grooming Supplies(Brush, Comb, Puppy Shampoo, Towel, Toothbrush, and Toothpaste)

-Food Supplies(Bowls, Bag of Puppy Food, Measuring Cup, Food Bowl Mat)

-Training Supplies(24 inch Crate, Harness, Collar, Leash, Training Rewards, Clicker, Training Bells, Potty Pads, Enzymatic Cleaner)

-Toys and Chews (A Variety of the Best Toys and Puppy Chews)

-Dog Bed

-Puzzle Toys

The Ultimate Puppy Package has a very affordable price of only $450! 

The Family Experience

Our dogs are apart of our family and our family is circled around our dogs!

We raise our children around our dogs and puppies and make sure that all feel loved and cared for. 

If on our social media accounts, you will see the silly antics of our children with the pups and you will see all of us on our live videos on Facebook! 

This is a family operation and we enjoy every minute of it!

When you get a puppy from us, you become apart of our Knightingale Family and we want you to know that we are always here for your puppy and you, no matter what age they are!


Just announced in late 2022, we are now offering grooming to anyone who has gotten a dog from us! 

We are only offering this grooming service to our schnauzer clients at this time. 

Amanda is a professional groomer and until early 2022 she and Taylor owned a grooming salon for 7 years.

Your dog will have the ultimate spa day with a high quality shampoo and conditioner, towel dried and fluff dried, receive a full schnauzer groom(owner's choice), brush with top of the line brushes, and receive a scented spray and bandana when leaving. 

Grooming Bookings are By Appointment Only.

Grooming Price is $65.

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