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Schnauzer Males

(These Dogs Are Not Available)


This is our Fun-Loving Zazu!

You can usually find Zazu with a ball or stuffed toy in his mouth. He is our handsome Salt and Pepper Phantom and is about 15 lbs which is the perfect size for any family! 

Zazu is always wanting attention and is a flirt with everyone he meets!



This is our sweet and lovable, T'Challa!

T'Challa is a wonderful boy who loves everyone he meets. He is happy go lucky and is always bee-boppin around. He doesn’t let anything bother him and is ready for anything. T'Challa is a very handsome Black and Silver Phantom boy! 


Timon is our very handsome Red boy! He is about 12-13 lbs. We are so happy this boy is apart of our pack and he loves to strut his stuff! Timon is a gentle soul and loves to play with his furry companions. 


Brannon is a wonderful boy. He is playful, fun loving, and a cuddler! Brannon is a handsome all black boy and is about 10 lbs. He loves everyone he meets and even loves cats! 


Merlin is our stunning liver male with a red tint. He is a sweet and gentle and shy boys. He is playful but wants to be with his people. He loves to snuggle and nuzzle you with his nose. Merlin weighs about 10-11 lbs.


Timothy is our third generation stud! He is Prince Naveen's son and we are happy to continue this line! Timothy has a great easy going personality and a little spunk! Timothy is a handsome salt and pepper male.



Hercules is a spunky little boy. He is ready for adventure and yet will surprise you with how calm and gentle he is once he is picked up. He is a handsome Blue Merle Parti. Hercules loves to play with toys and chase a ball. His favorite place to be is just with you. We are excited to see this boy grow!

Toy Poodle Male (Our Schnoodle Dad)

(Not Available)


HeiHei is our white, fluffy, Toy Poodle boy! HeiHei is about 9 lbs and he is always ready for a lap to snuggle in and is friendly to all he meets. He is calm for a poodle and doesn’t mind being our couch potato. 

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